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Andrew Knowles-Brown and his family formed the Talon Trust as a result of their increasing concern about the state of their countryside and its habitat for wildlife.



Andrew, who has had a passion for birds of prey for many decades, is specifically worried about the plight of raptors worldwide. He has been involved with a number of conservation-based projects and has seen gaps in the support given to some species.


There are many passionate and knowledgeable people on the ground that know the specific problems their monitored species is suffering from and they need help. Many, such as those listed below, don’t have a high enough profile to attract the financial support that the well-promoted campaigns have.








-- The Amur falcon, a small and prolific falcon that breeds in Siberia /         China  and migrates to South Africa.



    During their epic journey it is massacred in the thousands

    as a food source.










-- Owls and all birds of prey, being at the top of  the food chain, are killed


    in huge numbers around the world by eating rodents that have


    themselves eaten rat or mouse poison.











-- The vultures on the Indian continent have been decimated


    by the use of Diclofenac, a veterinary drug used to treat


    domestic stock. 













With a 99% wipe-out  of vultures in a decade these scenes will not be seen


again in our lifetime if ever.



But all is not doom and gloom. There are many projects around the world, big and very small, that are helping to protect our birds of prey.  A quote from Andrew encapsulates the Talon Trust: 




“I have wanted to form the Talon Trust for some years so I can help those who spend considerable amounts of their time, effort and cash doing their bit for raptor conservation. 

I hope that plenty of people who agree with my views and passion will be generous enough to donate to the Talon Trust so the Trust can provide grants, donations and bursaries to the people on the ground doing the hard work.”




The Talon Trust is a media platform based charity. If suitably qualified persons with experience in charitable work would like

to be involved in our fundraising and project development please apply by email.  



 Any projects which encompass our Objectives above, please forward details also by email. 


To contact the Talon Trust please email,  

Contact us if you can help

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