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Help the Talon Trust give the raptors a hand.

Golden eagle with African hawk eagle


Talon Trust - Registered Charity in Scotland No SC044926


The Talon Trust was given charitable status in June 2014. It was formed by Andrew Knowles-Brown as a means to raise funds to

support worthy projects involving the conservation of birds of prey around the world. 



The Objective of the Talon Trust is 'The advancement, through science and education, of knowledge, culture, conservation, welfare,

and environmental protection of birds of prey and related subjects'.


The Talon Trust is a media platform based charity. If suitably qualified persons with experience in charitable work would like

to be involved in our fundraising and project development please apply by email.  


Any projects which encompass our Objectives above, please forward details by email. 


To contact the Talon Trust please email,  


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